Nothing is more romantic than a guy saying “nah bruh” to you before kissing you

So all the freaking out i did involving my boyfriend wasn’t needed. We hung out all day today and just cuddled and kissed and everything and we just talked about a lot of stuff and watched movies. Any doubts that I had with him were stupid. I told him that he didn’t have to compliment me all the time and he understood and took it really well. It was a really nice day. I’m deleting tomorrow cause I didn’t have a chance today. See yall on the flip side πŸ’

Dan: β€œNext time on Steam Train..”

Arin: β€œ...this isΒ Game Grumps.”

Dan: β€œWait, fuck!”

Um I can’t do a read more so I’m sorry but I need to vent and I can’t talk to anyone about this

Last night my boyfriend was over and so were a couple of my friends and we were watching movies. Me and my boyfriend were cuddled up but he kept saying really cheesy things like “you’re beautiful, no, more like gorgeous” and at first I was like aw but after a while I was just I was just like stfu my self esteem isn’t that low that you have to continually say things like that. And the came the kissing. He kept kissing me and then tried putting his tongue in my mouth. We’ve only been dating since Thursday. Wtf. I didn’t let him and didn’t do it back but jfc it got annoying. That’s nasty. keep your damn tongue out of my mouth. And my friends were sitting RIGHT there and I felt so bad.
And he’s just so determined to prove that he’s not like other guys but then he’s trying to eat my mouth??? I told him things were moving way too fast and he said he was sorry and he felt that way too. THEN WHY DID YOU DO IT WTF. I’m feeling very hesitant towards him now and he’s texting me and I’m just like “ugh” when I see it. I’m not gonna break up with him bc I do like him but he’s gonna need to make an immediate change because I can’t do this

Anonymous whispered: tbh when i went and saw maze runner with my boyfriend and a few friends, i accidentally slept for like half the movie

I was laying on my boyfriend and yesterday was a really long day and I was really gonna fall asleep. As soon as thing started getting intense and they almost found a way out, I could hardly keep my eyes open lmao

I honestly wasn’t paying attention to the end of the maze runner movie I was too distracted to care tbh but I thought it was pretty good

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 5 favourite movies [2/5]
↳ Hairspray (2007) - β€œYesterday is history and it’s never coming back! Cause tomorrow is a brand new day and it don’t know white from black!!”

I got a boyfriend
We held hands and cuddled and it is the best feeling ever I recommend it to anyone
We also kissed and I’m shit at it but yes

I feel like having a boyfriend is the way to end this blogs life
I’ll probably delete Saturday or Sunday

Anonymous whispered: WAIT ARE YOU DELETING?!

I never want to get on here anymore and when I do, I only reblog like one thing and then I’m gone. I’m gonna keep my picture blog though so I guess people can follow that (it won’t have personal posts so that’s a plus) sorry!!

So I’ll make one long post about this boy and that’s it.
We’ve been texting everyday all day since Friday night. He’s so understanding and actually cares enough to ask me questions about myself because we had never spoken until then. He’s genuinely wanting to know more about me.
He hasn’t tried to pull any moves until the night before last when we were snapchatting but they only thing he did was call me adorable and say how nice I was. Last night, he told me how pretty I looked, how nice I was and just kept complimenting me. I haven’t ever had something like that before. And it’s not like he’s just trying to get in my pants, he is just genuinely the sweetest guy. And I’m falling for him more and more everyday, I could not wait to get out of school yesterday so I could talk to him. It was all I could think about. Im just so head over heels and I don’t even know how but I can’t wait to finally meet up with him on Thursday. Ahhh 😍😍😍